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Short or Long Form video

Campaigns demonstrating how video advertising was used to create consumer demand and engagement or provide an immersive experience for the viewer. The creative use of digital footage or online video to create or enhance a brand experience or activation. Including, but not limited to, mobile-based VR and 360° video experiences , shoppable video, personalized video, driving effective business results and engagement

User Expereicne(UX) & Design

Design practice focused on the emotional and behavioural response to a digital product or service with relevant, seamless and consistent user experience at every point of interaction, with particular focus on the overall support, structure and usability.


Campaign perfecting the consumer journey & creating personalised marketing or one-to-one marketing to creatively deliver individualised content based on data to recipients within one or more channels driving personalised experiences in real-time

E-commerce marketing

Social / Influencer Commerce

Campaigns showcasing best use of social platform / influencers or celebrities highlighting new community sales models & advertising strategies, creatives capturing consumers attention, interaction and engagement that encourage transactions. Pls share quantifiable results demonstrating how the influencers or celebrities used in the campaign successfully drove brand experience / purpose, traffic, resulting in business impact and ROI

Integrated Ecommerce Innovation

Campaigns showcasing best use of 360 Ecommerce highlighting marketing & advertising strategies, creatives and online experiences & activations on e-commerce platform to carry out innovative marketing / sales methods to achieve marketing purposes and business results. Pls share quantifiable results demonstrating how the influencers or celebrities used in the campaign successfully drove brand experience/ purpose, traffic, resulting in business impact and ROI

O2O/New Retail / Innovative Sales Channels

The award celebrates the best use of new technologies in O2O marketing, where online and offline channels and data are integrated and innovated to provide users with better participation and buying experience. The campaign should demonstrate how it used media creatively and strategically to connect with consumers and achieve the desired results / business impact. The campaign should also highlight how it used influencers or celebrities to drive brand experience / purpose, traffic, and transactions. The campaign should share quantifiable results that show the effectiveness and ROI of the O2O marketing strategy.

Live (Streaming) E-commerce

Campaigns showcasing best use of content through Live steaming highlighting marketing & advertising strategies, creatives capturing consumers attention, interaction and engagement that encourage transactions. Please share quantifiable results demonstrating how the influencers or celebrities used in the campaign successfully drove brand experience/ purpose, traffic, resulting in business impact and ROI

Experience Technology

Contextual Targeting

Use of GPS, geolocation and/or proximity technologies. Brands and tech providers giving their consumers an engaging, personalised and targeted brand experience using proximity technology or location-based data or contextual targeting . Campaign must include specifics on business impact against your marketing goals.

Experimental, Innovative Technology and Devices

Campaigns enhancing branded experience that make use of experimental technology in an innovative way that wows consumers, helps drive deeper engagement for fans and delivers an unforgettable digital or physical experience for the customer. An application of technology that is genuinely innovative or uses groundbreaking techniques or an unconventional/creative use of existing technology, resulting in significant business impact for a brand. Any Web3 technology, device or wearable that sends and receives data via mobile devices or channels, to engage customers or enhance their experience. Includes hardware, software, wearables, smart watches, digital health products, smart TV’s, appliances. Products can be in the market, exist as a prototype or in an incubator stage.


A campaign that demonstrates how the use of a programmatic / RTB platform improved the targeting and increased the efficiency and effectiveness in buying, selling and creating a digital/mobile advertising solution. As well as campaigns using creative applications of mobile-based intelligent technology. Includes AI, chat-bots, facial recognition, etc. delivering business results maximising the use of automated media solutions to create memorable campaigns

Audio/ Voice/ Sonic Branding

Campaigns that used voice recognition technology, audio identities, or other audio advertising to create consumer demand and engagement, enhance the consumer experience, or reinforce your brand identity. Includes audio logos, audio branding, voice assistant devices, such as Alexa, Google Home, and audio platforms Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Digital out of home advertising is the integration of offline out-of-home advertising with digital elements. This includes any out-of-home (OOH) display, digital billboard or digital signage that can change its advertising content remotely using addressable electronic, LED, and screen technology but excludes TV advertising and radio advertising. It does not include vinyl or static billboards, bus shelters or other static displays or panels.

Real Time Marketing

Campaigns showcasing most successful and engaging creative and media execution based on real-time information and platform delivering on the brand's objectives. Campaigns that includes new age technology solution in an immediate and meaningful way delivered for achieving desired business results and business impact.

Blockchain & NFT ( Non Fungible Token)

The move to Web3 means more privacy and less ability to reach customers the way we do now. Marketing and advertising aspires to collect better data and optimize their content for digital platforms. Using data organization tools, they also help combat ad fraud and reduce advertising supply chain mismanagement.Blockchain solutions / NFT campaigns that help brands navigate the increase data security and transparently display consumer practices.

Spatial Technology, Metaverse & AR/VR

Use of new technology to enhance the visual experience of a brand, product, service, or message. Including, but not limited to AI, AR, VR, robotics, gadgets and electronics, wearables, multi-screen, multi-dimensional experiences and interactive technology. Can be a stand-alone experience, or an extended reality which combines multiple technologies. This category includes Campaigns building first-party communities and experiences for customers, potentially inside the metaverse, and finding advertising opportunities inside metaverse games and meta real estate. This includes partnerships and collaborations with creators to leverage their audiences and bring innovation, impact, and communication power to the brand, such as Brands leveraging spaces or using more permanent spatial features to drive customer engagement through exhibitions, fairs, trade shows, and signage. It also includes Campaigns using immersive large or small-scale digital experiences and events to drive engagement with consumers.

Impact Media

Omnichannel integration

Campaigns utilising digital as core strategy, that demonstrate strategic and tactical thinking in the use of multiple media touchpoints ( TV, print, radio, outdoor, PR, direct marketing, etc) to deliver a compelling, business impact while delivering key messages. Media strategy highlighting how the channels came together to deliver outstanding results.

Cross Platform - Digital Only

Cross platform digital campaign integrating a minimum of 3 applications or mediums that enhances a brand experience. Showcase the various digital platforms and devices used to develop and amplify meaningful consumer engagement and business impact. This may include but is not limited to desktop, mobile, wearable technology, outdoor installations, billboards, retail experiences etc. Submissions for this category should hit the above marks and be strategically customized for each experience while delivering ROI.

Creator Economy

The creator economy consists of people who, just like any of us, have a hobby that becomes monetizable. In this category you should showcase how your brand has used a creator (influencer or celebrity) to create special content for your campaign with mostly seamless experience. Results should include business impact in terms of awareness, brand experience or sales performance potentially comparing with campaign averages. (This does not include campaigns that solely use an influencer as the face of a brand / product, it should include specific content creation for the campaign by the creator)

Gaming, Gamification & E-Sports

Gaming apps, gamification applications or e-sports activities that are either a part of a broader marketing strategy or a stand-alone brand experience. Please be specific in describing how the brand is positioned in the gaming environment and the desired results for the business driveid from the campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social campaign or strategy with stellar results using one or many social platforms to impact business objectives and/or to enhance relationships with a brand, community, or consumer. Drive sales, engagement, leads or even footfall, demonstrating how client objectives were met and ROI achieved R16

Social Messaging / Chat Apps / Text Messaging

Campaigns that demonstrate the innovative and creative use of social messaging apps (e.g. Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Viber) and text messaging (SMS/MMS, RCS) to communicate to a targeted audience to market, inform or help customers in pursuit of brand growth & success having a significant impact on the business as a results.

Creator / Influencer Marketing

Content related to a brand created by consumers or influencers or celebrities and shared through social media to increase brand engagement, sales, create buzz about a product or service, and boost website conversions, etc. Content could be images, videos, text, audio, etc. Campaign showcasing the busines impact and ROI achievements

Marketing Impact

Brand Experience

Communicating your brand and positioning it in the market is core to business success. Campaigns that showcase excellent marketing strategies bridging the gap between the brand and the consumer, brand growth, development, and enrichment. Includes establishing brand recognition, meaningful relationships, memorable engaging experiences, and unique connections, either in single or multimedia platforms that created a 360-customer experience. Additionally, campaigns may incorporate new-age technological solutions to achieve desired business results and make a significant impact on the business.

Lead Generation

Campaigns using strategic application of marketing technology that generated prospects & leads resulting in increased sales, conversions, trial, purchase intent or loyalty and retention. Campaigns showcasing example, use of third-party platforms (CRM, CMS, payments systems etc.) to improve retention and efficiency while delivering ROI results & business impact.

Product / Service Launch

Campaign showcasing an effective customer focused product or service launch. Work that launched or re-launched a product or service highlighting impact your launch had on consumer perception, increase in sales etc. achieved growth and measurable success. Innovation/creativity, clear strategic thinking, effectiveness and tangible results are key points to be shared.

Promotional Instant Impact

Best and most effective use of a promotional campaign, either standalone or part of an integrated multi-media – new technologies campaign ranging from contests and coupons to special offers, sweepstakes, and POS/Merchandising. The entry might be a prize draw, a competition, a demo, a coupon, a rebate, a giveaway, a reward scheme, an experiential or an instant win campaign to support the sales and business impact of marketing a product or service directed at either the customer, sales staff, or distribution channel members

Co-branded Marketing

Success of a co-branded campaign out of a partnership driven on innovation/tech adoption among any of the following: an agency, media owner, brand or ad technology owner, and even brand to brand collaboration showcasing key busines impact metrics hinged on collaboration as a key element to the success of the campaign.

Data Insights Marketing

Transformative approaches to customer insight gathering, to shape marketing strategies or drive campaigns that demonstrate a special effort and/or excellent interpretation of existing data. Technologies such as Blockchain, AI and ML can be used in these initiatives or campaigns. This category welcomes submissions that use innovative brand activity rooted in data-driven customer insights, the acquisition and/or enrichment of data, that demonstrate segmentation or targeting to improve the end users experience with a brand, product or service and that solve a real business problem, but also to contribute to busines impact and ROI will score highly. Submissions will not be penalised if there is no creative campaign element to submit along with the entry.

Customer Journey Marketing

The campaigns should use at least three touchpoints to create a consistent and compelling dialogue segment that builds trust and loyalty with the customers. The campaigns should also put the customer experience at the forefront of their strategy, delivering best-in-class solutions that meet the customers' needs and expectations. The campaigns should demonstrate how they have improved the customer experience (CX) along the customer journey and how they have leveraged loyalty/CRM programs to achieve brand growth and business success. The entries will be judged on the strength and originality of the idea, the quality and relevance of the execution, and the impact and results of the campaign.

Community Building

This is for the fans. Campaigns and/or individual measures to set up and activate supporter groups, fan communities and the like. This also includes prospecting/MGM activities. What matters is that one-on-one dialogues have a common goal/connection with the group.

Small Business Budget / Big Impact

The campaigns should demonstrate how they maximized the impact of their limited resources and delivered measurable outcomes. The budget range for this category is up to R50K-R150K. Entries should include a clear description of the campaign objectives, strategy, execution, and results, as well as evidence of the budget spent.

Purpose Driven Marketing

Social Impact Marketing

We believe that marketing can change the world. This award is a recognition to modern-day marketing that drives forward socially responsible marketing that create significant social change and/or deliver against a public service while demonstrating real impact and creativity & translates into a compelling call-to action to effect positive social change. Includes lobbying, fundraising, expanding, informing or positively changing attitudes and behaviours.

Diversity & Inclusion

Campaigns or marketing programs raising the audience’s appreciation by providing the means and opportunities to reduce inequality based on age, sex, sexuality, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic (e.g. contractual workers, people with disabilities, small farmers, etc.) and consciousness for the sublime—( painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, history)--in order to uplift the lives of people and society at large. Describe creative work or strategy specifically directed to this community and any relevant cultural differences.

Sustainability ( Brand & Product & Initiative)

Award that focuses on all aspects of sustainability for a campaign that promotes a brand, product or initiative. It can include corporate sustainibility initiatives as well.

Brand Purpose/Activism

Campaigns that use the brands’ platform to promote a cause or social issue including sustainability, to benefit society and give back for the greater good. This can include social, political, corporate sustainability, economic and/or environmental campaigns for brands, products, services, or initiatives addressing a new program or expanding on an existing program. An example would be campaigns focused on giving back to society and promoting social responsibility through a brand's influence and reach.

Industry Awards

Best in Show

The Best in Show award will be selected based on the winners of each of the award categories. Key: The winner is based on an outcome of tabulation of points for the wins across the categories and decided by MMA.

Marketer of the Year

The award will be selected based on the winners of each of the award categories. Key: The winner is based on an outcome of tabulation of points for the wins across the categories and decided by MMA.

Brand of the Year

The Brand of the Year award will be selected based on the winners of each of the award categories. Key: The winner is based on an outcome of tabulation of points for the wins and /or awards won across the categories and decided by MMA.